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special events


Nov. 1st  4-6pm
at SHUNYA in Ibiza, Spain
Learn how to transform your relationship
with your children and yourself
as you start with the essence of all
solutions - ENERGY!
Tools and techniques will be shared
that produce effective results
The best part is the techniques
are the same for parent and child...
please RSVP to
Larah Davis
Special Event: Ibiza Retreats

Ibiza Retreats
Internationally renowned Energy Master, Hawaiian Kahuna and Founder of IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine) Louise Mita returns to Ibiza for Training & free workshops this November. 


Are you ready to live at your highest energy frequency? How would you like to have the power at the tips of your fingers to alleviate pain and anxiety, transcend trauma and revitalise yours - and others - lives?


We are excited and delighted to welcome Internationally renowned Energy Master, Hawaiian Kahuna and Founder of IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine) Louise Mita back to Ibiza.

From giving lectures and seminars for the world economic forum and the Swiss Olympic Medical centre to teaching teams of Doctors in Cuba, Louise is highly sought-after in our fast-changing times for her pioneering work in giving the power back to the people to diagnose, self-heal and transform their lives exponentially.

Louise Mita

Would you like to deepen your connection to source energy? Are you ready to enhance your own (and others) wellbeing, to tune in fully to your life purpose and raise your life experience to awesome levels?  

Come join us to experience Louise's teaching, wisdom and warm-hearted, life-savvy humour - as the surfing-grandmother offering the GREAT gift of IQM in a series of interactive workshops (which are FREE) and IQM1 & 2 training immersions & 1:1 private sessions taking place at Shunya and Casa Lakshmi.

Train in IQM with Level 1 and Level 2 2-day immersions
Whether you are a teacher or therapist, seeking to offer root-cause healing to your clients, are a parent wishing to empower your children to embrace challenges and live their unique potential, wish to clear karmic blocks in relationships that have been causing friction for years, or simply enhance your own and others' wellbeing - IQM is magical - practical and, after IQM 1 training - ready for you to use in daily life!

IQM 1 - November 2 & 3 9am - 5pm (click through for prices & booking information)

IQM 2 - November 7 & 8 9am - 5pm (click through for prices & booking information)

Introductory Workshop at SHUNYA 30th October 5 - 7pm
Experience how the mindâs powerful influence can affect your physical energy as Louise works with individuals,  to offer swift and often instantaneous healings. For those who are curious and would like to know more! The workshop will be held at SHUNYA near Benirras in the North of the island.

The Art of ENERGY PARENTING at CASA LAKSHMI 1st November 4 - 6pm
This complimentary 2 hour workshop will teach you techniques to transform challenging situations in minutes by addressing the energy of both child and parent and held at Ibiza Retreats' home, Casa Lakshmi Luz in the countryside near Santa Eularia.

RSVP for the free workshops - to reconfirm your place places are limited!

PRIVATE 1:1 SESSIONS with Louise - can be arranged directly through Jemma @ Shunya - click here to contact.

Louise Mita

A message from Louise

"As the Summer of 2017 segues into Autumn harvest, we all get back into being productive and taking care of our practical needs once again. Our game face is on and we're ready for action! Still beaming from the Summer energy and grinning from ear to ear with remnants of playtime.
That being said, I am delighted to be returning to Ibiza at the end of October to present two free workshops. Utilising participants from the audience to illustrate the power of the mind on our energy, health and wellness. I look forward to to sharing how, by properly balancing the body's energy, one is able to heal itself within minutes, relieving pain that may have lingered for years. I will also be offering vital tools and techniques to support and empower yourselves and your children."


Find out full details of Louise's inspiring work here

Read the full details of the free workshops & the Level 1 & Level 2 IQM training here

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"When I was introduced to IQM, it was like coming home. I felt that I was having the most practical toolkit given to me - gently, simply & easily. It has taught me how to diminish the negatives in my life. It brought me back to feeling powerful, clear & protected."

Jemma Mornington

I am excited, delighted and honored to announce that THE ART OF ENERGY, INC. has received the BEST OF HONOLULU 2017 AWARD IN WELLNESS & STRESS MANAGEMENT!!! These are trying times with challenges and stress levels greater and more diverse than ever. The personal work with CEOs, Management teams, Employees on all levels has proven to yield successful results in their health, happiness and productivity by employing unique TAO ENERGY STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. CONGRATS GO TO US ALL FOR CONQUERING OUR STRESS!!!

The Art of Energy

Louse Mita periodocally presents IQM an its principles at special events. Previous events include:

WIN conferences in Tokyo and Rome, seminars in Alaska, California, Hawaii, New Hamphire, New York, Japan, England and Spain.