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I am excited, delighted and honored to announce that THE ART OF ENERGY, INC. has received the BEST OF HONOLULU 2017 AWARD IN WELLNESS & STRESS MANAGEMENT!!! These are trying times with challenges and stress levels greater and more diverse than ever. The personal work with CEOs, Management teams, Employees on all levels has proven to yield successful results in their health, happiness and productivity by employing unique TAO ENERGY STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES. CONGRATS GO TO US ALL FOR CONQUERING OUR STRESS!!!

STRESS is the precursor to all illness. Mental, emotional, psychological, psychic - any category of STRESS in excess will result in physical damage. Migraines, hives, eczema, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, anxiety (and the list is endless) is all caused by STRESS.

∙ 75-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints or disorders
∙ 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects due to stress
∙ 9 our of 10 job stress suits are successful with an average payout more than 4 times that for regular injury claims
∙ Employee Turnover:
∙ 40% is due to job stress

∙ Companies such as Xerox Corp estimates the cost for replacing a top executive is approximately $1-1.5 million; to replace an average employee - $2,000 - $13,000 per individual

Stress is in our lives permanently in some form. We cannot avoid it. It is our responsibility to adapt and adjust so that we are not overwhelmed or weakened by stress. What can we do?

TAO ENERGY is the study of the human energy spectrum and its development to achieve its maximum power potential.

TAO ENERGY combines physiology and anatomy into simple techniques that you can employ and instantly release the STRESS before it takes hold!! No long mantras or analysis or meditation or drugs or therapy or workouts or practice. Just ancient secrets that apply to modern times to produce instant results.

THE ART OF STRESS MANAGEMENT is offered in two different modules:

1. A ONE HOUR LECTURE designed to illustrate the power of the mind in creating and controlling one’s relationship to stress. An abbreviated introduction to the STRESS MANAGEMENT techniques is demonstrated utilizing members from the audience.

2. A TWO HOUR WORKSHOP that will teach you the TAO ENERGY techniques, created specifically to arrest and eliminate stress before it becomes a threat to your health.

These techniques are specifically designed for "onsite" usage. They are subtle enough to execute without attracting attention while being dramatically effective in producing immediate results. They can be used:

  • at work or at home
  • during meetings
  • while traveling
  • before, during, or after stressful situations

  • They are designed to alleviate and eliminate the negative effects of stress on the spot.

    Employees will exhibit a significant improvement in productivity and performance levels, as well as an uplift in general disposition after participating in THE ART OF STRESS MANAGEMENT seminar training.

    THE ART OF STRESS MANAGEMENT will enable the individual to:


  • Increasing the IMMUNE SYSTEM RESPONSE making one less susceptible to colds, influenzas and other communicable illnesses
  • Strengthening overall physical, mental, and emotional VITALITY


  • Enhancing MENTAL CONCENTRATION by opening neurological pathways
  • Stimulating LEARNING COMPREHENSION by connecting right and left brain circuitry
  • Increasing ability to FOCUS by stimulating frontal hemisphere of brain


  • REDUCING THE NEGATIVE PHYSICAL EFFECTS OF STRESS, such as migraine headaches, gastritis, ulcers, constipation, high blood pressure, insomnia, hair loss, weight disorders, canker sore
  • DECREASING TENSION due to muscle tightness, causing neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as excessive facial wrinkles
  • ELIMINATING ANXIETY such as hypertension, constant worry, panic attack, hyperventilation and emotional instability
  • REDUCING THE NEED FOR STRESS RELATED MEDICATIONS; over the counter & prescription


  • Employees value their workplace when they feel valued as human beings
  • Statistics show that when a corporation demonstrates health concerns for their employees, the quality and efficiency of the entire organization improves
  • Results are seen in viable financial returns

  • Learn The Art Of STRESS MANAGEMENT for yourself, your family, your business and WELLNESS is yours!!!


    "Your visit and presentation were very important to us in Greater Prudhoe Bay. Everybody who attended your presentation got some new and fresh ideas about how our bodies deal with stress and energy, physically and emotionally. At many of the weekly safety meetings I attended, those sam employees were still talking about how they have experienced increased energy levels. Today, those employees still ask me if I have heard from you and when you were going to return for another visit. We would love to have you back and will work on a return visit for this next year."
    - Gary A. Hanson, Behavioral Based Study Facilitator, British Petroleum, Alaska

    British Petroleum, Prudhoe Alaska

    "Louise Mita is The Real Thing. In two hours with Ms. Mita I gained more insight into harnessing and channeling my energy {and protecting myself from negativity| that I did from 10 years of traditional and alternative coaching and therapy. Louise Mita is truly gifted, and it should be a gift you give yourself."
    - Mary van der Boon, Managing Director, Global TMC International Management Training and Consulting, the Netherlands.

    "First let me thank you for all the gifts you have shared with us generously during the WIN Conference. It was not just attending a seminar, it was much more than that. It was more about starting to see that world from different eyes, or breaking the glass and finally reaching out... You are the living proof that a different life exists, even if we work and need money to survive, it is really balance that makes the difference.

    Thanks for the "de-strssing" techniques you taught us and also for that little trick you did on me the first night at the gala party on my heart chakra.. it was a funny feeling but now I really feel different!"
    - MCM, Dow Chemical, Milan, Italy

    WIN Conference, Lousanne Switzerland

    World Knowledge Forum, Seoul Korea

    For all inquiries please contact:

    Louise Mita
    TAO Energy, Inc.

    Honolulu, HI USA