Message From Louise

The Art of Energy, Inc. is dedicated to the exploration and integration of the universal energies to perpetuate independence, self-empowerment and the preservation of global conservation consciousness. Please watch the video above for an overview of what is offered here.

Be the example of the world you want to live in. It’s easier done than said.

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    Interview with Louise Mita

    Interview with Louise Mita at Ibiza Retreats, Ibiza Spain 2018. Read more

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    Louise Mita, CEO and Founder of TAO Energy presents Lectures and Demonstrations designed to illustrate the power of the mind upon our lives and environment as well as the power our environment has in influencing our lives. Specific subject matter of the lectures is described in this section. Read more

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    Louise Mita presents speaking engagements with interactive audience participation that unveil the mysteries of QI S Read more

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    Remote Healing

    Louise provides remote healing to individuals and groups. She hosts monthly Teleconferences and Energetic transmissions... Read more

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    IQM Training

    Louise offers IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine) training for groups around the world. She teaches in the US, UK and Japan but is available in other countries and locations ... Read more

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    TAO Energy Products

    TAO Energy products are designed for personal energy enhancement and universal attunement. They are available for purchase for yourself or as a gift for those you care about. Read more

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    Upon completion of IQM training, you will receive certification to teach IQM to others... Read more

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    Energy Transmissions

    Louise hosts monthly Energetic Transmissions to all participants who wish to enhance, advance, expand and elevate their field and potential... Read more