The body is in a constant state of change, affected by what we eat, our exercise, work and rest habits, daily mental and emotional stress factors as well as changes in the weather!


Most ailments begin from an energy imbalance in the physical, mental, and/or emotional levels. Just being a responsible member of society can put us in the "rat race" frame of mind. Stress from imbalances such as these can create energy blockages.

Energy blockages can come from tension, anxiety, anger or fear and can manifest in many forms, such as migraine headaches, indigestion, high blood pressure or ulcers. The stress of being over-worked and under-appreciated: too much responsibility and too little time; all "give" and no "get" will eventually take its toll!

When the imbalance becomes too great, it manifests in the physical, in one form or another. When more than one imbalance occurs, the situation is compounded, thus creating a domino effect and making our ailments even more severe..

Integrative Quantum Medicine can alter your physiology immediately. What this means is that without drugs or medication you are able to release your blockages and return your energy to its balanced state. You will improve your physical health, mental alertness and emotional well being, as well as enhance your general performance.


IQM™ Medicine is a natural, non-invasive approach to optimum health. There is no agenda or belief system involved. A patient's personal beliefs will not affect the outcome of the treatment.

Integrative Quantum Medicine integrates the techniques and philosophies of various forms of energy medicine, treatment and science to provide a thorough and efficient method of health care to treat and prevent disease.

The primary components of Integrative Quantum Medicine are as follows:

CHINESE ENERGETIC MEDICINE is a non-contact form of healing founded by 35th generation Shaolin Martial Arts Grand Master, Dr. KamYuen. The essence of IQM™ Medicine is structured from this technique. Studying directly with Dr. Yuen, Louise Mita is a certified practitioner and authorized teacher of  CHINESE ENERGETIC MEDICINE.

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, approximately 5,000 years in practice, approaches the body as an "integral part of the whole," a microcosmic representation of the world influenced by the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. This technique addresses the meridians that govern organ function which are influenced by these elements.

QIGONG is a form of energy manipulation utilizing the universal life force of the patient and practitioner. It is approximately 3,000 years old and is used as a martial, as well as, healing art. Techniques of balancing the QI by reconnecting neurological energy circuits enable changes to be made from the "inside out."

PHYSIOLOGY and ANATOMY are the Western sciences associated with the function and structure of living organisms or their parts. This understanding enables "reverse engineering" of a disease.

QUANTUM THEORY, (based on Planck's radiation law,) states that changes of energy in atoms and molecules occur in discrete quantities, each of which is an integral multiple of a fundamental quantity or quantum. Unlike Newtonian mechanics which addressed the universe as matter, Quantum Mechanics addresses the universe as energy. This is the foundation of IQM™...

During an IQM™ treatment some patients have felt a warmth or tingling sensation, while others have felt actual structural movement. Any sensation the patient may feel is a release of his/her own energy; his/her QI.

IQM™ has successfully treated patients with migraine headaches, chronic neck, back, hip and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, respiratory ailments, colds, allergies, addictions and weight disorders.

Patients who have suffered strokes, seizures and other neurological disorders experience remarkable degrees of recovery with this method. Some patients had suffered for more than 20 years!

Post surgery patients are able to accelerate their healing process and eliminate excessive suffering with the help of this technique. IQM™ also treats discomfort and prevention of damage due to necessary procedures such as chemo-therapy and radiation.

IQM™ does not employ "the power of suggestion," as illustrated by the successful reaction from animals. Animals are extremely receptive and responsive to this healing because there is no language barrier to cross. Louise treats cats and dogs, farm animals, as well as thoroughbred racehorses, correcting physical and behavioral problems.


"For many years, I have been seeking a true master, of big heart and pure intentions, who I could truly relate to and who offered simple and effective techniques for managing and releasing energy. I had trained in many different genres, yoga, yoga therapy, life coaching, nlp, core energetics and energy healing – yet I wished I could find a way to hold the space better for me, my family, friends and for our guests on retreat.   
					And so, as we seek we find, and this last year, through clients and dear friends,  in Louise Mita I have found a true master of energetic medicine, who has developed a simple, powerful and unique system, incorporating the pearls of the wisdom and transformative keys from many ancient and metaphysical systems.  Within 2 days of training, it can enable you to simply, quickly and easily define the root cause of dis-ease, physical pain, emotional unbalance, stress and pressures – both for yourself, your family, your clients and those around you." 
Larah Davis, owner Ibiza Retreats Ibiza, Spain

"Learning IQM Level I is like finally having a dashboard for monitoring every aspect of my life and making the necessary adjustments. Without IQM I was asleep at the wheel without knowing how to correct an imbalance. I feel my life taking off with the confidence I can deal with any challenge and help others in ways beyond belief." 
Joa J, Mt.Shasta
(This seminar was taught in May 2015 by Noorah Hansen, one of eight Certified Teachers & Practitioners of Integrative Quantum Medicine™ )

Hi Louise!
I wanted to share with you the following.
a) In 2005 I consulted with you regarding if I should go to Peru or not; during the session you told me that it was dangerous to go. My next question was: when I would go back to Peru; and you told me in 2014, 2015 ! You can image that the answer that you gave me was hard to accept. Guess what?... I got my residence in 2014 and I traveled to Peru in December 17th, 2014 until January 10th, 2015 !!
b) You also conducted some healing sessions to my nice who has autism( non-verbal), back in 2005 you told us that she was healed and that she was fine. In 2014 something amazing happened, she started communicating through typing! My nice has shared so many things with us, she was fine always, the only thing was that  she didn't have a way to communicate with us. When I asked her why there are so many autistic kids; she answered : "We are here because our mission is to help raise the humanity to next level of consciousness" .
Nicole, 13 years old
(I asked permission to share this information)

Hi Louise,
Nicole said that it's okay to share.
My sister sent me what Nicole typed:
"The truth is that society as a whole has this preconceived idea that we are in such predicament and we need to be saved. But we are here on a mission much bigger than what your eyes can see. We are here to raise human consciousness to the next level. I have been sent to do that. I am sure of that now." Nicole Voisard( 13 years old ).

Analis Miranda, Los Angeles

Dear Louise,
I can't help writing to say thank you again.
I love this magic you shared with me sooo much.
Working with IQM all day long makes me feel so good and happy.
My life is totally transformed from being helpless to being empowered to enable people to reveal the brilliance of their inner hero.

I send you tons of blessings and love.
Laure Capelle
(Thérapeute et Révélatrice de Talents / Talent Rev'Healer)

Hi Louise,
It's so funny to receive that IQM 2009 email from you today because I was thinking of sending you an email yesterday just to update you on my little bundle of joy. I really wanted to thank you for your awesome work on him. I have nothing but positive, happy things to say about him other than he is so awesome and doing really well in every way possible. The doctor your niece recommended is working out really well and he is vaccine-free. He is one of the happiest and healthiest babies I know and his relationship with his father (competitor, haha) is getting much better!!
I'd like to retake level I & II sometime, maybe next year.
Much love and aloha,
Tamalyn Vegas. Hawaii

Luika, I am deeply grateful for your teachings and eager to learn more about IQM. One of my initial motivating forces was my son's worsening allergies and reliance on prescribed meds. Before IQM, he was taking almost daily doses of Zyrtec. Since our workshop, he and I have been able to resolve his symptoms without the use of medication. As a mom, you know how this feels ~ his relief is my relief!

On a fun note, I wanted to share another use of the jing card. My husband has an aquarium and occasionally must isolate sick fish. Generally, these sick fish simply die. I decided to experiment &  placed the card underneath a container holding a listless fish suffering from "ick", a bacterial infection. Amazingly, the fish began to perk up & by that evening, it had recovered! BTW, it's still alive & thriving!

I look forward to future adventures with IQM & you!
happy holidays,
Mari O,  Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Louise,
I have not had a migraine in 2011! This is the longest headache-free time for rememberable history, at least 10 years.
Many thanks for your healing efforts on my behalf.
All good wishes for your ultimate wellbeing, SB, Alaska

I just got back from a whirlwind four days in Hawaii, and despite having to attend a prime rib dinner, and having my friend set a small bowl of ice cream in front of me (which I felt I had to eat) I didn't gain any weight! The airline trips were food disasters as well, especially since I couldn't find fruit or boiled eggs in either airport, but I just ate tidbits here and there, as you suggested, and I did fine.

I wanted to send you the following paragraph for you to add to your testimonies, if you are so inclined. It's mainly to tell you how I feel about how you've helped me.

I am an IQM student of Louise's having taken levels I & II about 4 years ago, and it has helped me a lot, especially with some extremely difficult decisions I've had to make in recent years. My most recent experience with Louise was in October & November of this year when I asked for some assistance with weight loss. I've been struggling with weight all my life and felt I needed a true change.

Louise introduced me to her program and helped with some clearing of blockages, and, long story short, I'm down about 20 lbs in just over 2 months! The really wonderful part is my appetite has changed completely and I don't crave or miss any of the starches or sweets or meats I used to eat. This is NOT a diet! It's total awareness of what my body needs, and appreciating what I do eat. I cook full, local meals for my son and am not tempted one bit! I am so grateful to Louise - not for just the weight loss, but for the assistance with redirecting my appetite to all the things that are so good for me.

Mahalo, Louise!
PMV, Beaverton, OR

Transformative is an understatement when it comes to I.Q.M.  It has changed my life.  Louise has changed my life.  I have changed my life.  I.Q.M. has introduced me to my authentic self.  I.Q.M. has helped me to heal a knee injury, quit smoking, and lose a tremendous amount of weight.  Most importantly,  I am more connected to Universal Love.  What else is better than that?
SueB.   Los Angeles, CA