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TAO Energy Presents
The Art Of Energy Amulet is an heirloom piece designed in 2-tone- white & yellow 14K gold ~ or all yellow or white gold
The energies of the universe abound !

Concomitantly we influence and are influenced by the multitude of energies we encounter daily. The quality of our life is determined by just such encounters.

The Art Of Energy Amulet is a radiant vibratory object whose presence exercises a magnificent influence on one’s consciousness, feelings, actions, and therefore - ultimately – one’s destiny.

The Amulet is created for the recipient after a thorough consultation, analysis and energetic healing. It is then customized to fulfill one’s specific needs, taking into account the date of birth, elemental sign and personal aspirations. In addition, multiple invocations and prayers dedicated to health, compassion, forgiveness, prosperity and enlightenment are placed within The Amulet.

The Amulet is designed to protect the wearer from negative energies ~ seen or unseen ~ and magnify one’s abilities, power potential, self-confidence and peace of mind. 


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Mom and I agree that the amulets are amazing! We are both enjoying less stress and are sharing notes on a regular basis. Mom actually went home to get hers one day when she forgot to wear it to work. She said it was a complete 180 degree shift from total chaos to a peaceful afternoon at work. I can only say the same for me. Thank you so much for sharing your work, it definitely has inspired me to work harder at my own "stuff".

Kristi McDonnell, Consultant, Alaska