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Sundays at 12 noon PST

Do you realize that it just takes the square root of one percent of the population meditating together to transform the entire population?! That means it only takes 1,802 people to make a change for the entire population of the United States! Or better yet, 8,626 people meditating simultaneously could transform the world!!!

It starts with you...and with me. Then like a pebble in the pond the vibration will permeate outward to infinity! If we can all contemplate loving thoughts about ourselves - and that is easy - at the same time all around the world - we could indeed bring about world peace!

So i propose that Every Sunday at 12 noon pacific (California) time let us all stop for 10 minutes and contemplate thoughts of kindness and love. Tell all your friends about this. Let this message go viral. And let's see what happens! IT'S EASIER DONE THAN SAID.