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Feng Shui, "Wind-Water," is the art of Chinese geomancy - the determination of the most auspicious potential of the environment you inhabit. Classical Feng Shui has historic roots more than 2000 years old. It is believed that Feng Shui developed between 770BC - 4758C., basing its foundation upon the yin/yang theory which had reached its peak in popularity at that time. Yin and yang are opposite forces that define each other and are inseparable. Maintaining a balance between yin and yang is the objective of Feng Shui.

In addition to the annual astrological animal signs, the Chinese recognize life moving in 180 year spans. The 180 year span is divided into nine 20 year cycles. Each cycle has a distinct energy that governs the events of that period. Thousands of years of observations have lead the Chinese to the conclusion that energy is cyclical and predictable. How we respond to the energy is optional, especially when you're aware of it.

Considering the relationship between time, space, the five elements, (fire, earth, metal, water and wood,) and the I Ching. {The Book of Changes|, a skilled Feng Shui practitioner can help to reverse unfavorable conditions in a dwelling or workplace that could negatively affect the health, wealth, and relationships of its occupants.

Utilizing a Luo Pan or Chinese compass, the Feng Shui practitioner measures the exact directional placement of an edifice and its interior within 15 degrees. From these initial calculations a specific sequence of "flying" or "floating" of the numbers follows to determine the fate of the environment and its occupants. If the numbers are average or favorable one may want to enhance the positive factors. If they are not so favorable, one would be able to remedy the situation, using an elemental balance. The objective is to create the optimal potential from a given situation. (Just like life!)

Classical Feng Shui does not utilize crystals, mirrors, or red sashes nor offer generic directions such as a "money corner," "romance or relationship corners." Because of the complexity of Feng Shui, many have oversimplified the principles, discarded the formulas and made generalizations that could lead to unfortunate circumstances. If a Feng Shui practicioner is chronically ill or poor, you should not allow them to analyze your home or business for they are doing something very wrong and you will end up in their situation. "Put a mirror in your entrance; paint the south wall red." This is similar to your physician telling you that buying an insurance policy will guarantee good health!A proper Feng Shui analysis can positively influence your life in a multitude of ways. For example:

∙ Determining your best directions for restful sleep as well as productivity: (Each individual has a particular relationship with his or her environment and should not subscribe to another's analysis.)
∙ Deciding if you should buy, sell, or keep a property for investment purposes;
∙ Determining if a property is beneficial for you to inhabit;
∙ Enhancing the potential of relationships to develop and blossom;
∙ To restore and resolve health issues;
∙ Creating prosperity manifestations and growth.

As profound an influence Feng Shui can have on an environment and its occupants, there are no guarantees that it will make fairy tale dreams come true. The emphasis is placed upon increasing the odds in your favor to create probability of success. In other words, you cannot make a 6'5" person 7' but you could devlop him into the best 6'5" person he can be.

Louise Mita has studied Feng Shui under the tutelage of Dr. Larry Sang, recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on Feng Shui. Master Sang is the founder of the American Feng Shui Institute and the American Society of Feng Shui.

Testimonial: Dr. Mark Bilan, D.C:  Feng Shui: Formula for Success

My experience with Feng Shui had been minimal prior to June of 2004. I have had several patients offer tidbits of Feng Shui ideology based upon things they had heard or read themselves personally.

Last summer, I asked Louise Mita to make a special trip to Anchorage so that she could share her expertise in Feng Shui in regard to my new chiropractic clinic. I had come to like and respect Louise from the IQM seminars I attended and found her to be a wealth of information. She completed her analysis of my new clinic and provided me a professional detailed report of what to implement and where, involving colors, metals, etc. I can honestly say that the level of success I achieved the first year in my new building was nothing less than phenomenal.

The most common statement made by patients was/is, in the regard to the atmosphere or "energetic presence" at the clinic. There has been a steady flow of new patients and a new regard for Bilon Chiropractic from the medical community who now refer to us on a regular basis. Most importantly I now have a staff, "a team", that works harmoniously together and no longer have the turnover I once experienced. Having the clinic fine tuned by Louise has allowed for a smooth transition into a new building twice the size of my previous clinic.

Utilizing the information Louise Mita provided allowed the natural flow of productive, health energy into our workplace so that our time is spent focusing on healing instead of battling obstacles that can be removed through simple, effective methods that are available through Feng Shui. The clinic operates at a new level, a less chaotic level, which allows all of the doctors and massage therapists to focus on our purpose, which is patient care.
- Mark Bilan, D.C., Bilan Chiropractic, Anchorage, AK

Testimonial: Karen & Denny Davis

Denny and I had recently purchased our home. All the walls were white. We were eager to decorate. We had a Feng Shui session with Louise. She charted the elements we needed in each room and Denny and I added things as we decorated.

It was going well until we painted a main wall in our family room a bright cranberry {without consulting Louise}. From a decorator's point of view it looked great, but from a Feng Shui view it was a disaster. Within the 3 weeks after it was painted, the spring on the garage door snapped in half, our gas stove had to be replaced and I had to have my gallbladder removed.

After Louise explained to us why the wall should not be cranberry we decided to paint it blue. What a difference. We aren't finished adding everything Louise suggested, but as we add and complete the rooms there is a definite feel and shift in the energy of our home. It is very peaceful and our relationships with our children has greatly improved. We are believers.

Thank you Louise.
Denny and Karen Davis, Anchorage, AK

Testimonial Janice & Preston Hughes

My husband and I had Louise Mita Feng Shui our home approximately 1 year ago. It is amazing the changes that have occurred since then. The first thing I noticed that all of the changes Louise suggested were generally easy and inexpensive. The changes were subtle and the results were profound.

When we wanted to move our 300 gallon hot tub, we checked with Louise about the best options. We followed her advice and the result were amazing. We used that hot tub more in the first month after we moved it, than we had in the prior 4 1/2 years.

One of the corrections needed for our home was "a mountain of stone" in the front yard. We were not exactly sure how to accomplish this, so we called Louise again to get further information. This summer we built a fountain/planter box out of decorative stone in our front yard. The results were more than we could have imagined. The peace and calming aura surrounding our home was profound. Even our neighbors comment on how peaceful they feel in their own yards. They love the sounds of the waterfall. The Fed Ex guy stopped by to comment on how peaceful and calming it is around our house.

We have seen improvements in our health, finances, and in all of our relationships.

Janice & Preston Hughes
Love - Janice & Preston, Anchorage, AK