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TAO Energy Presents
The energy of the universe is available to us at all times. Its magnitude of influence can be felt directly or through transducers like the JING CHARGE CARD.

What is JING energy? It is the physical influence of our environment from the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and includes the gravitational, solar, electromagnetic and geomagnetic forces. Thunder, lightning, sunshine, rainbows, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions are all examples of JING energy at work.

The JING CHARGE CARD serves as a capacitor to capture and store this energy. When we are ready to use it, the energy is transferred from the JING CHARGE CARD into the object of choice to be charged.

Water is an ideal medium because of its highly chargeable and retainable properties. Place a glass or bottle of water directly on the Jing Card with the emblem side up for 90 seconds and it will become fully charged. The water then becomes JING WATER. The charge is coming from the emblem side of the JING CARD. Face that toward the object charged. People in offices and businesses place it on top of the big water dispensers, emblem side down, to charge the 10 gallon tank - in 90 seconds and everyone enjoys the benefits of the JING WATER! Many people who have used the card have said that the more they use it they find that colds, flus, infections, etc. don't manifest, as their body becomes alkaline and too healthy to support disease!

When consumed, the JING WATER will activate your QI, your own personal life force, to operate at optimal levels, which in turn will influence your body s positive potential. If you feel:

  • tired & you will have more energy.
  • stressed & you will become calm.
  • lethargic & you will become energized.
  • nervous & you will become more relaxed.

  • The JING CHARGE CARD comes in a black velvet pouch with instructions. The cost: $75 (Free shipping domestic and International.)

    Testimonials & Feedback
    I put the JING CHARGE CARD under my massage table and I get very good results. One of my clients put it on her aching feet and the pain was gone immediately! Another client was feeling fragmented and after drinking the JING WATER she said it pulled the pieces together into her core.

    I was catching a cold when I first purchased the JING CHARGE CARD. I charged my bottle of water and drank it that day. By the next morning all my cold symptoms were gone. I drink charged water everyday and I haven t gotten sick since.

    I used it on the hot tub 8 weeks ago and the water still feels effervescent. When I went to clean the tub on schedule, there was no scum or algae to clean!
    I feel stronger and I just have lots of energy, all the time!

    I m 57 years old and since I ve been drinking the JING WATER I feel like I m 40 again!
    As soon as I touched the card I felt the energy hit a cut on my hand and then a swollen lymph node in my armpit. Suddenly I felt the lymph node shrink.

    The water tastes different sweeter. I can tell the difference immediately.

    My cats love to drink the JING WATER, and usually cats don t drink much water at all.
    I was afraid to drink the water because I have trouble sleeping at night. But I took a chance and it actually has helped my insomnia.

    Drinking the water on a regular basis somehow just makes me feel happier.
    I had GERDS for years. Bad digestive problems since childhood. After using the JING CHARGE CARD on my water for one day, all my digestive problems are gone! I can t believe it! Now I eat whatever I want - I don t understand why it works but it does.
    I put the card directly on my body injuries and the pain is relieved in minutes. I also notice that I have more energy, in general, and being an athlete that is just what I need.

    My girlfriend had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and was in pain. She drank the water charged with the JING CHARGE CARD and the next morning the UTI was gone.

    My friend was hospitalized and on intravenous solutions. He was badly bruised all over his body because of a rare condition. I used the JING CHARGE CARD on his iv bag and the bruising disappeared overnight.

    "I am a 57 year old woman who had an accident when 7 years old. I have had 40 plus surgeries. I am a walking medical, dental, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutritional and homeopathic miracle. It took all professions to get me back together. But I am left chronic migraines due to permanent nerve injury in my face. I can average 25 migraines a month. Yes I really had no life. I just had one massive, on going migraine. I had a session with Louise and it helped a lot. The migraines backed down to just serious headaches which are slowly and steadily getting better. This week, I realized I could tape the Jing card over my sinuses before migraine onset or even during a migraine. Already I noticed a difference. I think my headaches are decreasing rapidly. I know for sure they are not snowballing into migraines which they always did in the past. They seem more responsive to my medications. I have been able to start decreasing medication and increasing natural remedies. I was not expecting an over night cure but I also was not expecting such a steady improvement. The only problem is my 81 year old mother keeps taking my Jing Charge Card. She uses it with all her drinking and cooking water. Then she saw me put it on some food. So now she uses it on all the food in the house. When I asked her how come she was not using it on frozen foods also, she just stared at me. This evening I found the Jing Charge Card on her favorite ice cream container. I do not think it will remove the fat or the calories but I thought it is a good idea. Today I ordered the Jing Charge Card for her because I am selfish and want mine back! "

    Kia ora Louise,

    It has been a special blessing meeting you and allowing the sisterly friendship evolve in a special way. Thank you so much for sharing your energy and aloha with me and my ohana. My daughter Emaraina has organ lupus and ever since I brought the Jing card home to share with her miracles have happened....... Emaraina had a sore back so we lay the Jing card under her back for the night she woke up looking and feeling great. Its a miracle she said and went off doing her daily chores etc.....

    We have also given her hawaiian salt to fulsh her kidneys out as they have not been working for 5 years therefore she needs dialysis three times a week. I explained to her that taking the salts and using the Jing card will help her kidneys to kick start again...... She took the Jing card with her to dialysis last night. They wanted Emaraina to stay on the machine for 5 hours and profusely said no....... ema recognised that the Jing card helped the overload of water that she retained was taken off her in 3 hours, so she disconnected herself from the machine and came home. half an hour later she went out with her cousins and had a good time......

    When she came home her cousins commented that she looked really great and that she also looks really young..... Emaraina is 27 years old........

    My eldest daughter Teiria collapsed at her school during lunch break, she was rushed to the hospital...... Her friend told emaraina, once your mum gets here and places her hand on Teiria she will be well........ I went up to the hospital and spoke to my daughter saying on my gosh you look really good........ gave her a big hug and she come on now you need to get up off the bed cos we are going home....... Teiria kept saying mum they did neuro tests and kidney tests and im waiting for the results cos they says it sounds like I had a stroke........ I said ......my darling you are very well there is nothing wrong with her and we need to leave........

    Her grand uncle came in the room and gave her a pule........ then the doctors came in after us and said you may leave all the tests are fine.......... we thanked the doctors and left.........

    That night we put the Jing card under her bed and now she is full of life having so much energy shes driven down to Waihi for her kapa haka competitions.........which is like hula comps.....3 hours drive.........

    You may share my stories on your web page Louise as significant events in our lives have changed....

    Before I came to Hawaii I was told to ensure that my children need to be taken care of first before I go abroad and live overseas........ Louise your miracle hands and research into the taoenergy has truly served miracles for my family........

    I do believe that Emaraina will be able to have a normal and awesome life without dialysis and disease free of lupus...........

    My deepest gratitude to sister for Io and the many blessings we have encountered already since arriving home in Aotearoa alohanui


    mauri ora
    Awhitia Mihaere
    Art of Living President, Aotearoa

    Kia or aLouise,

    I have had another amazing experience happen with the Jing Card. Today was an exciting time for us prior to leaving aotearoa, my friends sister Leigh asked if we could do a romiromi on her after giving birth to twin boys Luca and Benji

    the romiromi was fine and then when we went to see te boys up in the ward......I kept getting put the Jing card on her back where the epidural went in....... soo we did.... Leigh was astounded as she felt the energy of the epiduarl dissipate within 90 seconds....I was amazed as you you could actual feel the epidural fluids tingle down her back. Leigh felt the Jing card was vibrating drawing it up and down the spine and then out.......

    Leigh was amazed and could not believe that the Jing card had healed her so quickly.....

    Thank you once again Louise for the mircale Jing Card to heal our new mothers and their new born babies.....


    mauri ora
    Awhitia Mihaere
    Art of Living President, Aotearoa