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The Art of Energy

This lecture presents an overview and explanation of the innate energies of the universe and how we are affected by them in our daily lives. A description of JING, QI and XEN, the components collectively known as The Three Treasures, introduces Eastern principles of energy defined in Western terminology.

Scientific theories relating to environment, physiology and psychological influence are explored in a format accessible to all. A demonstration of these energies will be presented with the participation of audience members!

Lecture Time: 60-90 minutes

The Art of Integrative Quantum MedicineTM

Engaging volunteer members of the audience to demonstrate the immediate effect of this technique, this lecture explains the components of this unusual procedure of healthcare as each person's pain and ailment is addressed and treated on the spot. All participants receive the first hand experience of a "Healing Treatment" as a benefit of this lecture!

Lecture Time: 60-90 minutes


The Art of Energy

You will learn how to improve and empower yourself through ancient techniques of energy access. Many martial artists study for decades before discovering or having these techniques imparted upon them.

The Art of Energy engages in the following techniques;

∙ Qi Activation
∙ Qi Projection
∙ Learn to see Auras
∙ Centering self
∙ Secret techniques that are simple yet effective to strengthen and center the entire body while elevating your overall power potential.
∙ The Art of Empowerment will improve your physical health, mental alertness and emotional well being, thus, enhance your total performance. This is a hands on, interactive, HIGHLY PARTICIPATORY seminar. It does NOT exclude physically challenged students.

Seminar time: 5 hours

The Art Of Feng Shui

You will learn the basic concepts of the Chinese Geomancy. By understanding one's environmental influence one can optimize the energy flow that impacts health, relationships and prosperity. The student will learn Classical Feng Shui principles that include calculating a compass reading to establish directions - the basis upon which all Feng Shui analyses depend.

The student will learn:
∙ How to calculate your Personal Trigram
∙ How to calculate the Trigram of your home
∙ How to determine your optimal directions for productivity
∙ How to determine your optimal directions for rest
∙ I Ching
∙ Eight Trigrams
∙ Five Element Theory

Seminar time: 8 hours

The Art Of Advanced Feng Shui

Your understanding of Feng Shui will be applied to determining the suitability of a house, office, workspace, etc for you and your family as well as for others.  You will also learn the remedies for homes that may not be determined as ideal, thus transforming health, relationships and prosperity in your favor.  Healing one's environment is crucial to perpetuating the good life we would all like to enjoy.

The student will learn:
∙ How to diagnose the four types of houses
∙ How to remedy the less than favorable three houses
∙ How to fly or float the numbers
∙ How to read the elemental balance of each quadrant
∙ How to remedy any elemental imbalance
∙ How to deal with a "locked" house

Upon completion of The Art Of Advanced Feng Shui you will be able to execute a proper Feng Shui analysis with accuracy.

Seminar time: 8 hours

Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Seminar

Integrative Quantum MedicineTM (IQM) is the Alternative healing of the new millennium. You've heard that we utilize only 10% of our brain? You will discover how to access the other 90% with IQM. IQM does not utilize medication, needles, herbs, exercises or physical contact of any kind and is totally painless, while achieving immediate results. You will be able to treat yourself and others in person as well as remotely after the first 16 hour seminar.

Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Level 1 SEMINAR:

∙ IQM healing protocol
∙ Anatomy
∙ Physiology
∙ Quantum Theory
∙ Three Treasures: Jing-Qi-Xen
∙ Pain Elimination
∙ Diagnose Source of Ailments
∙ Remove Blockages
∙ Eliminate Allergies
∙ Heal Physical, Mental & Emotional Pain & Disorders IMMEDIATELY w/o physical contact

Seminar time: 16 hours

Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Level II Seminar

∙ Vision Improvement
∙ Acupuncture Meridians
∙ Specific Disease Treatment
∙ Advance IQM Technique
∙ Numeric Protocol
∙ Prosperity Manifestation
∙ Performance Enhancement
∙ Weight Control

Seminar time: 16 hours

Integrative Quantum MedicineTM Level III Seminar:

∙ Huizhong Trauma Reprogramming
∙ Elemental Transmutation
∙ Spirit VPA
∙ Acrocol
∙ Slide Rul
∙ Colorado
∙ Renegade Healing

Seminar time: 16 hours

Certification available upon completion of Level III