WELCOME to Day 24 of the New Consciousness Activation Summit!
WELCOME to Day 24 of the New Consciousness Activation Summit

Today you will meet Louise Mita, President and CEO of The Art Of Energy, Inc. and Founder of Integrative Quantum Medicine™


Louise has studied metaphysical alchemy, the healing and martial arts since 1968." Her background includes Parapsychic Sciences, Reiki, Hawaiiana, Kendo, Kung Fu, Aikido, Hapkido, Jeet Kun Do, and Sho Kon Do." In addition to her private practice she presents lectures and seminars internationally, working with corporations, NGOs, universities, health care professionals as well as esoterics, mystics and shaman. Louise is also a certified practitioner and teacher of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui.

Interview Highlights:
  • What are the three levels of energy and how do the aspects of energy affect our every-day living
  • How does the body communicate to us about the energies that are blocked
  • What is more influential to our health than our genetics