I hope to find you all healthy and happy in these crazy times we’re going through! I’m sure you all feel the challenges we are experiencing around the world.

There is racial tension in every country from east to west.

There is political unrest as each nation is facing disagreement between parties because of beliefs and greed for power.

There is instability among the people not knowing what the fate of their nation will bring to them professionally and personally.

The fears people are experiencing are based partially on reality but majorly on media. What we are being told is bad news - because bad news sells newspapers - or internet interest. It is our job to decipher what is real and what is fake. Either way it is important not to be swept up in the strong current of fear that all this news is spreading.

I think the biggest realization that we have to address are the issues around climate change. If we don’t take immediate action we will run out of food by 2050! That is only 30 years away! Many of us have children and grandchildren who will be in the peak of their lives by then! Right now we have a 12 year window to change the direction of our future or the damage will be irreparable. If we keep treating Mother Earth in this destructive way we will run out of our precious resources: Clean water will no longer be available.

I enjoy buying recycled items; my duvet is made of recycled soda bottles; I have beach towels, shirts, jackets made of the same materials; all purpose shopping bags from repurposed items. I love it. Remember the 70’s when we’d make hats out of beer cans and art out of folded gum wrappers? Nothing went into the trash because we had creative ways to repurpose everything into art! Now we’re seeing this on a grand scale of high tech manufacturing as we convert trash into useful everyday household items. Let’s be resourceful and deliberate conservationists! Be inspired to be sustainable.

Now is the perfect time to learn how to self-sustain your health and well being, as well. Come and learn Integrative Quantum Medicine™ so that you can be in charge of your Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic, Spiritual and Physical health! You can help yourself, your children, your parents, your pets, your entire family, your friends and your community to be healthy, happy and at peace with the techniques you learn in IQM. It is empowering to be in charge of your life in this way. We have the profound powers within just waiting to be revealed! It is a simple yet effective technique and we all can do it!

If you are students of Integrative Quantum Medicine™ you will know how to balance your energy and center yourselves and heal whatever ails you. If you have not taken the course yet, I invite you to come to our Free Healing Conference Call Demonstrations on the first Saturday of the month. The free international numbers and times of call are on the website https://taoenergy.com/teleconferences_schedule.html

Then enroll in the seminars around the world from Hawaii to Japan, Oregon to Cincinnati, all over Europe to learn this for yourself!! Contact the Certified IQM Teachers on the website https://taoenergy.com/certification.html for their schedules.

Awaken the healer within you!!


Louise Mita

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