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Aloha Peeps in this extraordinary time on the planet!!

Have you been feeling wonky? Out of sorts? Off kilter? Just plain weird? well, darling, you're definitely not alone!!!

We are so deeply immersed in the chaos of what's happening in politics, ecology, climate change, social conflict and the whole dang world in general! This is making everyone lose their balance, lose their center and lose their sh#@ completely!!

You can barely eat because you can't "swallow" what's happening!

Your digestion is terrible because you can't "stomach" what's going on! Are you annoyed by just about everything that you used to simply roll your eyes at - but now you feel that urge to yell about it? `

Protests are happening around the world

from India, to Palestine, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Armenia, Nicaragua, Chile, England, Thailand, just to name a few.