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The JING CHARGE CARD comes in a black velvet pouch with instructions. The cost: $75 (Free shipping domestic and International.)

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Size (25mm) $250 Including Shipping

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TAO Energy Presents
The Art Of Energy Amulet is an heirloom piece designed in 2-tone- white & yellow 14K gold ~ or all yellow or white gold
The energies of the universe abound !

Concomitantly we influence and are influenced by the multitude of energies we encounter daily. The quality of our life is determined by just such encounters.

The Art Of Energy Amulet is a radiant vibratory object whose presence exercises a magnificent influence on one’s consciousness, feelings, actions, and therefore - ultimately – one’s destiny.

The Amulet is created for the recipient after a thorough consultation, analysis and energetic healing. It is then customized to fulfill one’s specific needs, taking into account the date of birth, elemental sign and personal aspirations. In addition, multiple invocations and prayers dedicated to health, compassion, forgiveness, prosperity and enlightenment are placed within The Amulet.

The Amulet is designed to protect the wearer from negative energies ~ seen or unseen ~ and magnify one’s abilities, power potential, self-confidence and peace of mind. 

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TAO Energy Presents
The energy of the universe is available to us at all times. Its magnitude of influence can be felt directly or through transducers like the JING CHARGE CARD.

What is JING energy? It is the physical influence of our environment from the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and includes the gravitational, solar, electromagnetic and geomagnetic forces. Thunder, lightning, sunshine, rainbows, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions are all examples of JING energy at work.

The JING CHARGE CARD serves as a capacitor to capture and store this energy. When we are ready to use it, the energy is transferred from the JING CHARGE CARD into the object of choice to be charged.

Water is an ideal medium because of its highly chargeable and retainable properties. Place a glass or bottle of water directly on the Jing Card with the emblem side up for 90 seconds and it will become fully charged. The water then becomes JING WATER. The charge is coming from the emblem side of the JING CARD. Face that toward the object charged. People in offices and businesses place it on top of the big water dispensers, emblem side down, to charge the 10 gallon tank - in 90 seconds and everyone enjoys the benefits of the JING WATER! Many people who have used the card have said that the more they use it they find that colds, flus, infections, etc. don't manifest, as their body becomes alkaline and too healthy to support disease!

When consumed, the JING WATER will activate your QI, your own personal life force, to operate at optimal levels, which in turn will influence your body s positive potential. If you feel:

TAO Energy Presents
The Manavator
We all want more energy! Often we seek energy coming from outside sources: caffeine, sugar, energy beverages, pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs!  We accept the consequences associated with these quick fixes. But soon we have to pay the piper for our cheating ways.

Enhanced Manavator with Herkimer Diamonds - front side
Front of Enhanced Manavator

Enhanced Manavator with Herkimer Diamonds
Enhanced Manavator Herkimer Diamonds

We all want more energy!
We know that our energy can be powerful and quite capable of performing the minute we activate it. Rather than using drugs and alcohol is there another way to instantly get these results?

The Manavator does exactly that! It activates our energy - our "mana" – to perform!! Our energy levels immediately rise and from there we do what we choose with that energy.

One may find that 'will' and 'desire' are elevated;
Self discipline is engaged;
Confidence is renewed;
Excitement and enthusiasm are restored;
You feel more powerful than before;

A side effect is that smiling and laughing becomes contagious. 

Some people say their sleep is improved by wearing the Manavator at night.  If you find that you can't sleep because your energy is elevated from the Manavator remove it before you go to bed.  The Manavator is made of stainless steel in a gold, rose gold or silver colored finish.  The Manavator  The "stones" within the Manavator are Herkimer Diamonds. 

Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all quartz crystals. They are reported to be harder than all other quartz and have the strength and durability to handle difficult challenges. Herkimer Diamonds have a crystal memory, accepting and retaining information which can be retrieved at a later time.  

They are naturally formed with eighteen facets and two termination points giving them the ability to receive, amplify, focus and transmit energy with intention.   It is an exceptionally strong crystal for clearing electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, and geopathic stress. These AA grade Herkimer Diamonds are approximately 450 million years old.

The Manavator and these Herkimer Diamonds are infused with the positive energy from multicultural chants and prayers dedicated to health and healing, clarity and mental acuity, emotional fulfillment, longevity, prosperity and abundance, harmonious relationships, protection, universal and personal peace and love.  

That energy is everlasting!

Please enjoy your Manavator in good health!!

It just gives you more energy - more of your own energy - and that is good!!!

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MANA RISING is a guided meditation that will awaken your MANA - the Hawaiian word for QI, the invisible life force within. It is designed to energize you by activating the chakra and clearing the organs as well as connecting the neurological system to the entire physical body. It will activate the mind and prepare it to be alert, aware and at its best. This meditation is a lovely way to start your day but can be done at anytime. It is calming yet meant to be an awakening tool. MANA RISING is the opening meditation done in the IQM Seminars. Please enjoy.
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