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"I am a very grateful client. After just one session with you I feel an enormous difference and the new $5.8m escrow within one week is not a coincidence. Next week  we sold another house for $3.1 million. With deep appreciation!" 

Robert Radcliffe, owner of multi million real estate agency and author.

(The client had 8 months of slow business and had a financial blockage clearing)
With  Love and appreciation,
Tatyana Vlachos.
Certified Teacher & Practitioner Of IQM, Thousand Oaks, California

I was suffering from lymphoedema for many years because I received a lymphadenectomy in the treatment of cancer. My left foot is always swollen. The difference between the left and right leg will also be severe and a miniskirt can not be worn. . .   I explained this to the participants in the IQM workshop on the second day and they worked on me. To my surprise, I felt the change the next day. I took pictures of this and measured a difference of many centimeters, which I could see with my eyes. IQM can also be programmed to automatically repeat that person's treatment by a number of times every day. Using that program, the leg gradually became thinner. I am experiencing the astonishment, wonder and effect of IQM more than anyone. I am filled with gratitude. It's amazing how truly it will change instantly! It is a waste not to know a healing system that can be done so easily. It's a technology that can help people as well as themselves.
N.W, 50s, female, Tokyo, Japan

I shot it in the mirror and the left and right are opposite. Changes from thigh to instep. 

48.5 → 46.5

39.5 → 40.5

33.0 → 32.0

22.0 → 20.5

18.5 → 18.5

20.5 → 20.0

“Sadheekas is the 12 year old nephew of my husband. He lives in Sri Lanka. He was leaning over a steaming pot of boiling water trying to clear his congestion when he accidentally knocked the pot over, spilling the hot water all over his lower body. He was rushed to the hospital and had been there for 2 weeks in extreme pain - the wounds were not healing. Then on Saturday March 31st I asked the students in the Integrative Quantum Medicine™ Level II seminar to heal him with what we’ve learned. That night he said he slept and had no pain. Thank you everyone!!”
Carmen Li, Geneva, Switzerland

Then three days later - on Tuesday, April 3rd, Carmen wrote again:

“Just want to update the news about Sadheeka’s recovery to everyone. I heard from Sanjee (my husband) that his condition has improved dramatically on Monday. The Doctor couldn't believe what had happened when the moment he opened his bandage he found that surprisingly his wounds were completely healed! (Of course, the doctor did not know we did something magical from across the ocean). Now he is home and he does not need to suffer from pain anymore. What a wonderful experience! Thanks for the great efforts and kindness from all of you. And thanks Louise, you are a great master!”
Carmen Li, Geneva, Switzerland

“Hi Louise, Infinite thanks for sharing your teachings! With so much ease and fun. What a great feeling to rely on my own answers! I guess it´s just what i was looking for..simple and yet profound tools to be the change i want to see in this world. I feel it´s a big step that i could make in a short time. Can´t wait to put it in daily practice! “
Suzanne v.d.v IBIZA, SPAIN

IQM is the fast track ‘Martial of Healing Art’.
Louise Mita, has created the most cutting edge system which is a combination of Eastern Tao energy healing, beautifully integrated with her profound multi-versal knowledge.

Louise teaches you how to clear and strengthen yourself and others. She takes us on a Xen magic carpet ride, sharing her knowledge in the most open hearted, free spirited, inspiring
‘Quantum Sha-womb-an-way’.

Louise has discovered the key to the ‘creator code’. She has opened the door for me to a beautiful healing and I’m so enjoying the experience of clearing which has embodied a whole new way of seeing my narrative unfold. I feel more grounded, have a strong sense of clarity and personal power and a deep feeling of being connected to my truth. IQM is the most advanced new paradigm healing modality that I have ever encountered. I cannot imagine a more instant way of transforming, it’s like taking the elevator to enlightenment!
Carina Cooper
Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teacher

"For many years, I have been seeking a true master, of big heart and pure intentions, who I could truly relate to and who offered simple and effective techniques for managing and releasing energy. I had trained in many different genres, yoga, yoga therapy, life coaching, nlp, core energetics and energy healing – yet I wished I could find a way to hold the space better for me, my family, friends and for our guests on retreat. And so, as we seek we find, and this last year, through clients and dear friends, in Louise Mita I have found a true master of energetic medicine, who has developed a simple, powerful and unique system, incorporating the pearls of the wisdom and transformative keys from many ancient and metaphysical systems. Within 2 days of training, it can enable you to simply, quickly and easily define the root cause of dis-ease, physical pain, emotional unbalance, stress and pressures – both for yourself, your family, your clients and those around you."
Larah Davis, owner Ibiza Retreats Ibiza, Spain

Dear Louise
I have just completed  Level 1 and 2 in IQM in New Zealand (Aotearoa) with Noorah 2 days ago. Thank you so much for the amazing knowledge that you have shared with us and the world. What a gift and miraculous healer that you are you! I am deeply inspired by your work and message and all the great work that you do! Thank you for serving humanity in a big way. I feel that I have known you in another life times, past and future!
LPH, Aotearoa

Hi Louise ready for a miracle?
I went to a retina specialist Tuesday. I no longer have wet macular degeneration. Yesterday taking a shooting lesson and for the first time  I could shoot with both eyes open. I have been using IQM for the past two years and both eyes are healed.
Yes miracles do happen.
Thank you for your love and guidance, I am grateful  to you and your teachings."
Linda Drake, Florida/Idaho

"My life was pretty unstable, I was recently divorced, a single mother of two children and pretty miserable with where my life was heading. Both my children suffered from eczema and allergies. I was then introduced to Louise by a great friend. I had a couple of one on one sessions with her and was blown away by how powerful the healing was. Not just physically but also emotionally. I felt stabilized and strong. I felt like a whole load of 'crap' had been taken off my shoulders and for the first time I felt positive! Learning how to use IQM myself has changed my life completely. It is now part of me and my family. I use it daily... hourly! It helps me with work and meetings if I am nervous or anxious. It helps me when my children fight to calm them. It has helped me with their allergies enormously. It helps me make decisions when I am confused. It helps me change my emotions if I am feeling unbalanced. It has taught me how to live my life without negativity. I don't need to, I simply clear it......".
Melanie B, London, UK


Dear Louise,
I felt the need to update you as to my healthy status! My bleeding/hemorrhaging has diminished another 75%from yesterday. Several doctors told me that the shot I was given will take at least 2 weeks before it takes effect and during the 2 weeks I will experience severe bleeding and when that occurs I should double up on the hormones prescribed. So if it takes at least 2 weeks before the bleeding stops hmmmmmm, I'm wondering why it started working immediately?????  KIdding of course I do know why!!!

I just got back from the gym, a light workout, aqua massage, steam and sauna. I haven't been able to go for the last 5 months, too tired and fearful from the major blood loss that going to the gym would cause me adverse reactions, with what little blood I had left by overworking the heart. Needless to say I feel great and have more energy now than before I went to the gym this morning. So I wanted to let you know and thank you again for your wonderful work, we, me and the ohana very much appreciate you and are most grateful to know you.
I.R. Palmdale, CA

Since meeting Louise and learning IQM I healed my chronic digestive issues that I have had since childhood. I have improved my eye sight by 50%, increased my overall energy level and healed my past fears of dogs. Louise's transmissions are over the top filled with love and profound healing energy. Louise, you are the BEST!!!!!
Noorah Hansen, Communictions Coach and Retreat Leader, Mt. Shasta, CA


Here are the photos of my ankle before and after our session the other night! I Sat back and cleared myself to receive and kept repeating "Correct to Perfection...."




From the first time we spoke years ago for our first phone session, to being a level one student of yours, the power of IQM is remarkable and unbelievably believable! The Universe is stellar and to be connected to the grid and actually participate in my well being on this level is astounding.

Last night proved yet another first hand experience of total , immediate, complete, attention and healing ! I was able to lightly walk the next morning and continue to heal with ice , arnica and elevation! I was truly concerned that I had broken my ankle.

To be diagnosed and treated within a couple of hours of the incident was magical and medicinal !

Thank you again for your love , your light .....and for IQM!
Raymond Del Barrio


Thank you all for sharing your wonderful experiences. I know you will help others see the potentials that await and give new hope to those in need. All of you have reached new heights in your personal development, as patients, students and healers. Congratulations for setting an example! Ho`opomaika`i . . . Louise

"Gary - Those of us from STP thought it was wonderful and would like to have her back to give more people the opportunity for benefiting from this presentation. This kind of training works here and at home, and offers important life AND work insights and improvements. This is one of the very best training sessions I have ever attended here!"
Nadene and the folks at STP, British Petroleum, Alaska

"Of all the healing modalities that I use in my practice IQ Medicine has the most potential for becoming my primary healing system. While still in the integration process of the basic IQ Medicine I am very happy with thebenefits and results this has added. Each day as I look for something tohelp patients past a difficult place I turn to IQ Medicine and it almostalways pulls us thru. Sometimes a couple minutes of IQM is all that isneeded and other times just a few seconds. I have always believed in theabundant power of the mind and spirit; now I am developing the tools to use it. Thank you Louise, I am excited and looking forward to more advanced classes."
Ty Azeltine PhD, Bio-Energetic Kinesiology, Anchorage, AK

"I am happy to talk about my experience with Louise and Integrative Quantum Medicine. I was very drawn and inspired to take the first class with her in Alaska this year. The class was just amazing! During the class, I was "cured" of a nasty eye "thing" I had had for months. A classmate was able to tell it was a virus and then to clear it immediately! Part of my problem also was that my body polarity was reversed. For some reason, I seem to be one who slips into reversed polarity easily. Now, I know how to tell when that happens and put myself back to correct polarity instantly. I am now doing some one-on-one work with Louise to heal and re-balance some health challenges I have had for all this lifetime, and probably several past lives as well. Some of this has not been "instant healing," but the positive changes ARE happening. IQ Medicine is the most powerful healing modality I have ever experienced. I want to be part of taking it out to the whole planet!"
Reverend Mari Kintaro, Templar Illuminus, Spiritual Counselor & Reiki Master, Anchorage, AK

"I have just returned back to Oman and am buried neck deep at the office. I visited my chiropractor here who had suggested a 3 month program of adjustments before I left for NY and recommended various things that I ignored as any good patient would. This time when I saw him, he did his tests and for the longest time had the goofiest look on his face. He finally said that in his medical career he has never come across or heard of anyone in my condition recovering as much as I had (even if I was being treated regularly - which I wasn't) and showing almost no symptoms of the herniated disc. He requested my previous x-rays so that he could discuss my unusual case with his colleagues. I just love it when these medics confront such powers for the first time. I have a lot to thank you for this. I am no longer in constant pain, my mobility is at about 80% (it was at about 30-40% when we first met). Although I may not be able to surf yet, I have started working out to rebuild myself so that in a month or so I can start."
U.K., Oman


"That experience just blew my mind! I feel like my mind was covered in some kind of plastic cling wrap before being exposed to the seminar material. I now have this expansive feeling of freedom - like the doors to a whole new realm of POSSIBILITY have opened! Sure enough, things began to happen. Cold sores went away; pimples cleared up and leg cramps stopped. I used to be a big Advil enthusiast. I would take a handful during the course of a week to help with headaches, cramps, stiff neck - you name it. I'm happy to say that I haven't touched the stuff since the seminar - no Advil; no antihistamines for allergies; no over-the-counter medication at all!

It's amazing! Freedom!!!"
L.K., Honolulu, Hawaii

"The energy healing method has given me control over my physical well being. I no longer need daily allergy medication, and I have eliminated the sciatica pain shooting in my legs. Also, I can monitor the health of my pets. Most importantly, the feeling of mental control over my health gives me assurance and peace."
Y.H., Los Angeles, CA

"Con la practica de esta terapia desde hace Agosto de 2001 he obtenido resultados muy alentadores en pacientes con diferentes patología , Siendo de gran utilidad en los problemas de columna vertebral. Este método nos permite el abordaje de los pacientes en diversos niveles de funcionamiento, conociendo donde se encuentran las causas de sus problemas ya sea en el cuerpo fisico, emocional, mental, psicologico, metafísico, psiquico, y/o espiritual. Le agradezco a Louise Mita la oportunidad de darnos a conocer su método y asi poder tener esta herramienta para ayudar aún mas a mis pacientes."
S.B., Cuba

"This reflects how I feel after talking with you tonight - really, really, really happy! Thank you so much for clearing all the blocks that you did and getting my energy flowing again, and for all the insights and observations. I'm on my way!"
S.A., Mount Prospect, IL

"Louise, Many thanks for such an enlightening experience. I've become more aware of things around me, seen and unseen. At this point in my life, I guess I was ready for this 'awakening'."
C.L., Honolulu, Hawai

"Hi Louise! I still think I'm in dreamland and will one day wake up and not smell the roses! It is so strange not to live in constant pain. I feel like I was born again! I'm as active as ever and will continue to serve the people and children of Hawaii and third world as long as possible. Suffered so much pain and took so many pain pills. With my new body I will be able to walk the streets and alleys talking story with the old folks and kids and not have to worry about limping back to my room. There is a whole new world out there for me to see! I feel so energized! So pumped up! So full of life!
Honolulu, Hawaii

"My initial treatment took a bit to get past my skepticism. But lo and behold - it worked. the treatment took the buzz from the sciatic nerve out and loosened my lower back. My knees are always stiff and inflexible. You allowed me to get deeper in squats than I've been since my injury. The physical relief from pain and movement is great. I realized being as active as I am, being out of balance is not uncommon. My return visits and your remote treatments kept me in performance shape. But the most significant treatment is ridding me of lactose intolerance and allergies. Now I can work out and work off the pizza I had the night before. Thanks."
J.F.C., New York

"Belated thank you for such an enjoyable workshop! The day went by all too quickly! Just wanted to let you know how wonderful the energy work is! Thanks so much again for an awesome workshop."
G.L., Hawaii


"I just wanted to take a minute to give you a report on my progress, since you played such a significant part in furthering it. I had intended to call you before I went back to work last week, but I got involved in making lesson plans, etc., and besides it would have been a call mainly to say "hello" because I have felt so well for the past couple of months. (By the way, went off of Prozac around the middle of November after about six weeks on the stuff. It was a relief going off. The best part was telling my psychiatrist that I was perfectly well and didn't need it anymore. He seemed astonished that I had already cut the dose down to two pills per week.) My teaching went better than I could have hoped. My students were so generous in their welcoming me back, and for my part I began feeling a tremendous power in the classroom. Sounds weird, but "power" is a good word -- tuned in to all

"I have been a client of Louise's for the last 7 months, and will continue to study IQM as a client and as a student. IQM has changed every aspect of my being. Essentially, as a client, I have recreated my life. The change has been nothing less than profound. I live with intentionality and passion. I have transcended self- limiting beliefs. I have boundless amounts of energy, my athletic performance has improved immensely, and I have wonderful people coming into my life again. I feel balanced emotionally, physically, and psychicly. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge within me to continue to create the best life for myself. Before IQM, my life was a bit of a drudgery with only a spattering of fun times. Futhermore, I felt as though something was missing. Indeed, something was. However, with IQM I uncovered what was lacking. I needed to stop forcing life and allow what talents came naturally to me to reveal themselves. It was time for me to share my gifts with the world. As Louise helped me uncover my passions and my essence, I began to pursue life with a new found vigor. Now, I pursue life with a passion unleashed. As I was so inspired, I took Louise's workshop in August. I wanted to learn how to administer IQM to myself and others. Nearly 8 months later, I am now a student of Louise's. It is so profound to help people with IQM. Seeing people change before your eyes has to be the most profound experience I have ever had. I am amazed at the power of IQM. IQM has helped me to harness the most precious part of myself and what I most value. I love this work! Finally, I have opened my life to one of my greatest passions- skiing and the outdoors. With Louise's assistance, I have uncovered a way to share with the world this passion combined with IQM in a unique and beautiful way.

Certainly, IQM is the most gentle and powerful modality I have ever experienced and I have tried a several. Though I have derived a lot of good from other modalities, IQM, by far, is the most effective and powerful method I have been fortunate enough to experience. Since my experience has been and continues to be so beautiful and powerful, I will continue to be a client and a student of Louise's and IQM. I am forever grateful. I am confident about my new path in life and the decisions I make each day. Still, I eagerly await to learn more about myself. I can only imagine what my life will look like in a year from now! The journey continues."
Kristine Lotoski, Fitness and Energetics Consultant, Founder and President of Breakthru2Fitness, Plymouth, N.H.


"I've had some very profound experiences through using IQM. I'm getting beautiful results with a person suffering from depression. Then, working with a person who has hypothyroidism led to powerful "thyroid boosts". Herpes break-outs disappeared for a person the day after treatment (without taking any medication). Another experience that has moved me deeply is being part of clearing the way to pregnancy with a woman who - because of a sum of physical disorders - was not able to have babies, with a possibility of success through hormone treatment, as doctors had told her. She became pregnant 2 weeks after a major breakthrough treatment...she wasn't even close to considering hormone treatment.

I'm continuously being blessed with experiences of undescribable beauty...I'm in a different place, there's more peace..."
I.S., Los Angeles, CA