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On the second Sunday of each month, at 8am Hawaii time, I will send an Energy Transmission for 30 minutes to all participants who wish to enhance, advance, expand and elevate their field and potential!!!

The energy transmissions began as an experiment in Mount Shasta, California.  The feedback was powerful. Realizing how successful the transmissions were, I had to offer this opportunity to the global community. The importance of such work and the power received is meant to be distributed to everyone.

Over the years my travels around the world have taken me to extraordinary power vortexes ~ from inside the great stone circle of Stonehenge to the rushing river in the Magical Forrest in Versoix; to the summit of Mauna Kea; to the sacred ancestral land of Aotearoa.  I am grateful for all the mana that Mother Earth has shared with me and the realization that we are all interconnected - cradled in her womb.  Anyone who is reading these words and looking at this website is deeply aware of this and the responsibility we have to malama our dearly beloved planet. The energy work that takes place in the transmissions is meant to up-level you to become your best; to raise your vibration to attain then exceed your potential; and ultimately, to fulfill your destiny.  In this way we can all participate together to elevate the frequency on that continual path of excellence!

What should you do during the transmission?

  • You don't have to do anything; no dial in phone number, etc.
  • You may want to sit and tune into the energy as it is being transmitted
  • You might feel the warmth of your qi flowing or a tingling sensation.
  • You might fall asleep in the calm of it all.
  • You may feel nothing.

    The experience is unique to each individual.

    If you are busy don't worry - you will still experience the effects of the transmission.

    Please join us in this mana~elevation!!

    The power of the energy transmitted is multiplied by the number of participants involved!

    I look forward to seeing you all each month!!
    Mahalo for being part of this energy!!!!

    Aloha & Ho`opōmaika`i,

  • Testimonials

    Thanks Louise! I didn't pay attention Sunday, as it was my late night. But I definitely felt more agile in my gym class on Monday evening! I will keep an eye for the next session for sure!
    GN~ Geneva, Switzerland

    Hi Louise,
    Thank you for the blessing!
    I didn't really feel anything during the transmission, I laid in bed & closed my eyes to relax. It felt as if about 10 or 15 minutes had passed & I decided to take a peek at the clock. When I opened my eyes, it was exactly 7:30 am. That was an exciting surprise. That Sunday, I experienced a lot of energy and got many chores done with out feeling fatigued. Since the transmission, I've noticed 2 things: my chronic fatigue is gone and I'm accomplishing more in less time (time has adjusted for me?). Anyway, I feel great and will be back.
    GA ~ Lihue, Kauai

    "Hi Louise, hope you had a great transmission. I did lay on my couch and opened my heart,soul and body to your energy. I did feel some different things and at the end of the hour my right hip/groin felt like I getting a charlie horse in it, it moved down my whole leg. I do feel better, later today I took my dog for a 4 mile walk around the lake and I did better than I have in the last month."
    Susie Q ~ Alaska

    Dear Louise,
    I felt energy ~ that kind, that I see and feel truth even clearer which makes me at the moment a little bit sad and sometimes even angry, to realize things, I have not even thought, that they might exist. But this is maybe part of the journey. It will make me stronger once I worked my way through the "shit". And this is maybe at the moment the work I have to do. I feel that we have very strange energy around and you can only wonder how some people seem to get away with their behaviour. I try to stay with myself, which is at the moment not so easy. But this is only part of the whole picture. I will be patient and move forward.
    PL ~ Erzhausen, Germany

    Regardless of how the energy transmission manifests in the individual - whether it is a flurry of hyperactivity or simply a sense of calm and peace -the energy transmission is a perfect way to connect to the energies around us. (You know, I just realized I actually haven't a good description for this - haha. I shot out of bed in the middle, realized I was being zapped, and rolled over and went back to sleep.
    PH ~ Honolulu, Hawaii